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Do you need help with a project, want to ask a question, have a suggestion?

Would you like to receive a press kit, custom design/ marketing plan, or pitch me an idea?

Would you like to hire me, interview me, or tell me how fabulous I am?

You can even visit my portfolio and see the services I offer at NighLon Solutions.

Email me at

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  2. [...] Contact Me [...]

  3. [...] Have fun, and if you need any help customizing, just comment or go here [...]

  4. [...] Contact Me [...]

  5. [...] Contact Me [...]

  6. Cari,

    I wanted to speak with you about some projects that we may be able to work on together on. Give me a call (201.312.2505) or send me an email ( so we can set up a time to chat.


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