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My mission at NighLon is to teach others to dive into the world of social media and take on their own marketing. Marketing is more than just selling to a customer, it is the whole experience. It is the way you present yourself or your product to the world. Who better than you to show the world what you can offer to them. I believe teaching others reaps the greatest rewards of all, not just for the pupil, but for myself as well.

Marketing is my passion, and I love sharing this amazing tool with everyone. I started doing it 12 years ago, in high school, and have loved every moment that I have been able to add to my knowledge base. I have managed campaigns ranging from organizational fundraisers, festivals, events, music groups, and even sales. In every job I have had, I have found a way to use marketing to benefit the organization. Having worked in many different industries, I have developed great people skills as I strived to have front-end communications with the customers.

With a passion for marketing, and a love of the way certain colors, words, images, and sounds create a completely different experience for potential customers, my knowledge is well-rounded. The digital era continuously intrigues, motivates, and challenges me to be my best. I am fascinated with the change in human behavior over the last few years and know that marketing and social media must adapt; and I love finding new ways to accomplish that.

In addition to teaching others how to handle marketing and social media campaigns, I also want to keep my hands in the industry and am available for hire to consult on specific campaigns and for one-on-one training sessions.
Here is a list of what I offer:

Campaign consultation

Initial social media campaign start-up (This includes a training session on how to run your campaign)

Logo Design

Social Media Platforms customization (ie: Twitter, Facebook)

Blog/ Website element design

If you would like to get more recognition, you can purchase ad space on my site that is read by approximately 1,200 people a week. We can discuss the price that is directly correlated with the size and location of the ad. To make life easier for you, I can help design the ad.

For more details and a pricing schedule, please email me at nighlon.solutions@gmail.com

(Resume available upon request)

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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