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The Misfit Bloggers are a group of ladies that met during a SITS Girls 31 Days to Build a Better Blog course. We have continued to support each other in our endeavors to be the best bloggers we can be. I owe much of my success to these amazing ladies. Thank you fellow misfitters, I’m sure the future will hold great rewards for each and every one of us.

(These ladies are listed in no particular order of importance- because there is no order, we are a team)

advertisement  Candiland   Bean's Monkey Business  

the AFwife Life  Still Dating My Spouse  

Misfit Bloggers without badges – Yet!!! (we still love you!)

The Dolls Are Alright!

Fashionably Crafty Paris

Look What Mom Made

Three Little Monkeys Studio

Sylver Blaque


These are other blogs that I HEART. These blogs are inspirational, beautiful, and all around fabulous! Thanks for doing what you do!

 Life Love Derby (New design coming soon!)

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